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Our software platform

We've built a modern software platform to enable utilities in three ways.

Speed to Market

Launch your utility business fast straight into the cloud using industry-tested pre-configured processes. Integrate your innovative new products and start serving your growing customer base.

Higher Profitability

Reduce operational costs with automation of expensive concerns, and tools to optimise team and business performance. Gain valuable insights from your data and make more informed decisions.


Stand out in a competitive market by delivering innovative, valuable and appropriate products to your customers. Our flexible architecture allows you to test, learn and adopt as new technologies and business models emerge.

Scalable, modular, practical

Our platform is composed of web apps and services which we call modules. Modules are independent building blocks that can be easily integrated as needed by a utility of any size or growth phase.

Example startup stack

+ + +

Example innovation stack

+ +

Example modernising stack

+ + +

Example growth stack

+ + +

Our modules

We have developed modules each designed to fulfil a key function of your utility business. Use all, some, or integrate individual modules with your existing software.


Manage and automate your sales funnel. Convert leads into sales with tailored omni-channel communications.

Call centre


Automate acquisition processes with market integrated tools. Optimise field force and other sales channels.

Field management
Commission management


Create stronger relationships with your customers as you deliver industry-leading service and products, streamline your ops team performance, and identify issues before they affect your customers.

Customer lifecycle
Billing and credit
Operations automation
Rules configuration
Market integration


Reduce churn and increase customer satisfaction by proactively communicating with your customers on behaviour and events that impact their bill. Leverage automation and data science to ensure customers get timely messages, and relevant add-on products, services, or content.

Comms automation
Marketing automation
Demand response
Solar performance

Self service

Reduce contacts and improve customer satisfaction by providing account management tools.

Bank account details
Payment history


Monitor and improve the performance of your programs using data science.

Microsoft Dynamics

Connect your Microsoft Dynamics CRM to our platform for two-way communication between the two systems.


Validate your billing using Network Reconciliation and Market Reconciliation.

AEMO gateway and interface

Interact with the market systems by integrating with our API technologies.

From startup to stepup

Our platform enables you to use all, some, or just one module. Our solution fits any size business, in any phase of growth.


A new utility business looking for a complete software solution to power growth.

Our solution

Our modules cover billing, CRM, customer communications, and simply integrate with other essential products. Need to migrate data from other systems? We can do that too.


A utility business looking to fill gaps in a software stack.

Our solution

Our modules cover billing, CRM, customer communications, and simply integrate with other essential products. Looking to take advantage of new tech or industry developments and need just one of our modules? No problem!


A utility business with existing systems looking to capitalise on new tech, experiment with an innovation, or otherwise improve a service offering.

Our solution

Our modules can integrate with your software for a low-cost complete solution. Need something bespoke? Let’s talk.


A utility business looking to migrate away from an ageing software stack.

Our solution

We’ll migrate your data over to our systems and develop team training programs. It won't be long before you’re serving your customers from our more capable platform.

Why we are better

We listened to utility industry people and understand what is needed to make utility businesses thrive. Our platform solves the critical failings of our competitors.

Successful outcomes

We have a solid track record of delivering value to the energy sector.

University of Melbourne

Billcap's Trust product delivered a "29% reduction in churn" according to a randomised control trial conducted by Byrne, Martin & Lanauze, University of Melbourne


A successful customer engagement strategy based on electricity usage insights improved customer relationships and significantly reduced churn.

SA Power Networks

Integrating with a third party API we distilled complex solar battery data as simplified insights delivered to customers via email.


In need of a billing and customer management solution to power business growth we built sophisticated platform modules and web applications.

About us

Our team is driven to producing valuable solutions all the way through our investors, senior leadership, and our product and software teams.

We boast top talent from the energy and technology industries with experience developing industry-leading products.

Team profile