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Build trust and help your customers to manage their bills by providing targeted, actionable insights and advice backed by data science, proactively delivered via their preferred channels.


Run behaviour-change Demand Response programmes with your customers. Report progress in realtime across multiple channels throughout the peak event, and deliver final results and rewards.

Our software platform

We've built a modern software platform to enable utilities in three ways.

Speed to Market

Launch your utility project straight into the cloud using industry-tested, pre-configured processes. Integrate your innovative new products and start serving your customer base.

Higher Profitability

Reduce operational costs with automation of expensive concerns, and tools to optimise team and business performance. Gain valuable insights from your data and make more informed decisions.


Stand out in a competitive market by delivering innovative, valuable and appropriate products to your customers. Our flexible architecture allows you to test, learn and adopt as new technologies and business models emerge.

Successful outcomes

Billcap has served over 8 utilities with over 800,000 customers, and our track-record of success is backed-up by independent research from leading universities.

University of Melbourne

Billcap's Trust product delivered a "29% reduction in churn" according to a randomised control trial conducted by Byrne, Martin & Lanauze, University of Melbourne


A successful customer engagement strategy based on electricity usage insights improved customer relationships and significantly reduced churn.

SA Power Networks

Integrating with a third party API we distilled complex solar battery data as simplified insights delivered to customers via email.


In need of a billing and customer management solution to power business growth we built sophisticated platform modules and web applications.

Why we are better

We listened to utility industry people and understand what is needed to make utility businesses thrive. Our platform solves the critical failings of our competitors.

About us

Our team is driven to producing valuable solutions all the way through our investors, senior leadership, and our product and software teams. We boast top talent from the energy and technology industries with experience developing industry-leading products.