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Reduce churn and increase customer satisfaction by proactively communicating with your customers on behaviour and events that impact their bill, and provide them with relevant add-on products, services, or content.

Trust is a toolset, built on top of our platform, that provides energy usage tracking, outlier identification, and customer comms and marketing capability.


Comms automation
Marketing automation
Demand response
Solar performance

Reduce costly behaviours

Automated proactive event messaging triggered by outlier tracking informs your customers on what went wrong and what is being done to resolve the issue, reducing contacts.

Messaging via the customer's preferred channel (email, sms, mobile app) delivers personalised, relevant, and timely alerts, configured to your brand.

Increase customer confidence

Detailed usage data — easily accessible to your customers — drives confidence in bill accuracy and validity.

Personalised messaging so your customers receive relevant and useful content — informed by customer segmentation and data.

Enhanced cross-sell

Enhance your cross-sell campaigns with tailored messaging and calls to action.

Gain better customer insights

Accurate and up-to-date customer data enables better monitoring of key metrics and improves data insights.

Customer surveys and data tools enable you to discover what your customers are thinking.

Service high-value customers

Create a customer portal to give high-value customers the tools to discover and understand their usage.