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Create stronger relationships with your customers as you deliver industry-leading service and products, streamline your ops team performance, and identify issues before they affect your customers.

Serve is a cloud based application built on top of our platform that gives you all the tools you need to run the day-to-day operations of a modern utility, efficiently and effectively.


Customer lifecycle
Billing and credit
Operations automation
Rules configuration
Market integration

Reduce operational costs

Web-based SaaS service so you'll never need to worry about out-of-date software, or prohibitive updates and customisation. Pay only for what you use.

Automation of core processes reduces the need to add operational staff as your customer base scales.

Automation of Happy Path reduces handling by operational staff, and notifies them immediately if issues occur.

Customer tools reduce operational overhead by empowering your customers to self-help.

Intuitive and smart applications increase operator speed and accuracy and reduce training costs.

Streamline customer experience

Multi-utility so you can bill your customers for all the services you offer, on a single bill.

Customer tools increase customer satisfaction as they update their details online, or in your apps, at their convenience.

Proactive customer experience as you identify issues before they become your customer's problem.

Answer key business questions

Gain better insights as you slice and dice your customer, operations, and communications data as you see fit. Our in-house professionals are here to help you interpret your data.

Accurate and up-to-date reporting enables you to identify issues and opportunities within your financial and operational data early — driving better day-to-day business decisions

Gain competitive advantage

Increase speed-to-market as you on-board and configure new services in under two weeks.

Supported migration tools and processes reliably and rapidly migrate you to our platform from your legacy system.

Create products your customers will love quickly, easily, and affordably.

Control your billing

Bill QA and reconciliation and anomaly detection filters automatically run against your data and staff will be notified of exceptions.

Pre-configured key reports and natural-language based querying allow users of all levels to understand the data.

Ensure compliance

Exception handling is intelligently automated and when manual intervention is required your operators are notified and have the tools to efficiently deal with them.

Pre-configured compliance rules for the energy industry at all levels, national, market, and account level. Customise anything below that to suit your business.

Secure data is ensured with Tier-1 cloud based infrastructure that delivers industry leading data-security, system redundancy and availability.

Transparent system and pricing

We expose the rules behind pricing, billing calculations, exception triggers, and alerts so you’ll never wonder where things went wrong, or if the system is compliant.

We work with you to develop features to unlock your competitive advantage, or to maintain industry compliance.