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Since our inception in 2011 we have harnessed a spirit of innovation and delivering real value. This spirit runs through our investors, senior leadership, and product and software teams.

We bring together deep utilities and systems expertise, data science and customer-centric design, through our experience developing industry-leading products in the energy and technology industries.

Yann Burden

CEO and Co-founder

Yann co-founded Billcap in 2011 to deliver actionable energy insights to customers while delivering measurable value to energy companies. He has extensive international experience in the energy industry (UK & France) and as a technology consultant for Accenture and PwC. He has a BSc from University of Melbourne where he is currently an Honorary Fellow of the Melbourne School of Engineering.

Ewen Stewart

Head of Architecture and Product

Ewen has over 20 years utilities experience. As technical co-founder of Sage EMS, he led the development of a market leading billing platform for the energy industry, eventually selling the business to energy retailer ERM where he was an executive for 5 years. Ewen has designed and implemented Meter Data Management systems and Tariff Optimisation Engines for major energy utilities including Origin Energy and Citipower/Powercor.

Software development team

Our team of Software Developers, User Experience Designers and Data Scientists have delivered valuable and innovative products across many top-tier technology organisations including Lumo Energy, Red Energy, Redbubble, Hooroo, Center for Market Design, Behaviour Works Australia, Powershop and Sage Utility Systems.

Operations and product team

Our team of Business Analysts, Product Managers, and Operations Professionals have delivered compliant and effective solutions across the energy sector for ERM Power, Red Energy, EDF Energy, Lumo Energy, BT (British Telecommunications), Scottish and Southern Energy and E.On (UK).